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Turn your smartphone into a robust piece of data collection equipment! MyTech is ideal for a physics lab environment, allowing you to analyze the motion of the device using raw data from the phone’s internal sensors as it falls, spins, or collides with springs! Each recording can be exported as a spreadsheet for more in-depth analysis.

With MyTech, you can

  • watch live data update from the accelerometer and gyroscope as the device moves and rotates
  • focus on one or all 3D-axes on your device
  • take recordings with your device that can be saved for later, or exported for deeper analysis in CSV format
  • conduct physics experiments with just your device and some simple tools
  • learn about how different physical forces act in the real world
  • learn about how your device actually detects and monitors these physical forces

Want to know how MyTech can be used in physics labs?
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Interested in MyTech’s backstory?
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Expose the internal sensors that make your smartphone a mobile piece of lab equipment

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