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DELTA Teaching Resources

There are many approaches to course design. This section focuses on some of these techniques as well as the first steps you should take on your journey to design your course.

Creating a Course

Step-by-Step Online Course Creation Guide – This guide covers tools and best practices for creating an online course.

Course Design Planning and Improvement

DELTA Course Design – A resource page for online course creation, including details about consultations, the Course Quality Program and Quality Matters principles, and DELTA Grants.

Course Quality Program at NC State – Learn more about our professional development opportunities designed to help faculty who currently teach online improve their online or blended course based on Quality Matters.

Large Course Redesign – Learn how to redesign a whole course to achieve better learning outcomes and accommodate enrollment growth.

Commonly Used Instructional Design Models – Overview of the most common instructional design models based on various learning theories in the realms of behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism.

Course Mapping Tutorial – A course map can help you plan and organize your course. This video series explains how a course map works and walks through the process of creating one.

Best Practices

Online Course Best Practices – There are numerous ways to teach an engaging, effective online course. By following basic best practices, instructors can optimize the online learning experience.

Best Practices for Designing Your Moodle Course – DELTA workshop resources for designing online courses in Moodle.

Best Practices for Creating Learning Objectives – Description of what makes good learning objectives and examples of them.

Active Learning – Steps for engaging students in the learning process.

Current Virtual Reality Best Practices for the Classroom – VR is being used increasingly in both face-to-face and online learning environments around the world. These best practices can help you better understand this burgeoning technology.

Tools and Templates

DELTA Online Course Syllabus Template – You can copy and modify this pre-filled syllabus template for your online course.

Additional Resources

Instructional Design Interest Group – Join the NC State instructional design interest group, which was created as a way to bring together faculty and staff who have an interest in the different aspects of instructional design including layouts, best practices and useful tools for learning and assessment.

Nine Instructional Events for Direct Instruction Design – This table applies the framework of the nine instructional events to support lecture design.

Twelve Principles of Multimedia Learning – Principles covering personalization, voice, image and more that shape the design and organization of multimedia presentations.