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DELTA Teaching Resources

In many ways, content is the big lift in a course. This section of the website focuses on the many forms that course content can take. Will you be using a traditional paper textbook, an interactive textbook or open education resources? Will you be using videos from a repository or create any of your own?


Add Questions to Your Videos Using PlayPosit – Make instructional video more interactive and engaging by asking questions and providing opportunities for students to interact with content and each other.

Create Interactive Content in Moodle with H5PH5P is a tool in Moodle that allows you to create dynamic, interactive activities in your course using the “Interactive Content” activity type.

Gamification Module – This user guide explains the core concept of gamification and how to use it for your course.

Copyright in the Classroom – Resources from the Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center, which include copyright information, a fair use checklist and consultation availability.