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DELTA Teaching Resources

Providing students an opportunity to interact with one another can be a crucial step in the learning process. The resources below contain examples and tips that can help encourage student-to-student interaction.


Best Practices for Group Work Evaluation – A resource page for Group Work evaluation, examples, and best practices.

Creating Student Learning Communities Online – Promote social interaction to engage learners and maximize their online learning experience.

Discussion Board Best Practices – Strategies for creating more effective asynchronous class discussions.

Engagement in Synchronous and Asynchronous Classrooms – Explore ways to increase student engagement in synchronous and asynchronous courses.

Netiquette – or Best Practices for Interaction Online – As more classes move online, having clear netiquette can help foster respectful and clear communication in an online environment.  Learn best practices for creating and establishing netiquette in your online courses.

Sample Simplified Discussion Forum Rubrics – Examples of discussion forum rubrics with references.


Leveraging Zoom Tools to Facilitate Engagement – Explore tools and strategies to get the most out of your synchronous class interactions.

Using Breakout Rooms in ZoomUse the Breakout Room tool to split up your students into separate Zoom meeting spaces where they can talk and work together.