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DELTA Teaching Resources

How can you use technology effectively when designing and teaching courses? Here you’ll find workshop resources, tutorials and videos to help you implement best practices when using technology for teaching.

How to Choose and Assess a Learning Tool – There are many options for which learning tools to use. This resource provides how-to information, best practices, examples and resources to help you determine the best learning tools to enhance students’ experience.


Best Practices for Designing Your Moodle Course – What does a well-designed course look like in Moodle? This DELTA workshop has resources and tips for designing online courses in Moodle.

Create Interactive Content in Moodle with H5P – H5P is a tool in Moodle that allows you to create dynamic, interactive activities in your course using the “Interactive Content” activity type.

Google AssignmentsWith Google Assignments, you can collect assignments and give feedback by integrating Google Drive and Moodle.

Helping Students Get Started in an Online Class – Check out these strategies for communicating and establishing connections with students at the start of a new semester.


Add Questions to Your Videos Using PlayPosit – Make instructional video more interactive and engaging by asking questions and providing opportunities for students to interact with content and each other.

Create a Video Introduction for Your Course – Establish teaching presence in your online class by including an introduction video.

Best Practices and Tips for Shooting Smartphone Videos – Create great videos for your class using your smartphone.


Leveraging Zoom Tools to Facilitate Engagement – Explore tools and strategies to get the most out of your synchronous class interactions.

Using Breakout Rooms in ZoomUse the Breakout Room tool to split up your students into separate Zoom meeting spaces where they can talk and work together.